Read It Later

Read It Later Firefox addon is a very useful addon with which you can save web pages to a list which you can read later. You can sync the list to all your computers as well as on Read It Later apps on iPhone, iPad, Android etc. There is an offline mode too so that you can read them later when you are not connected to the Internet. Text view can be chosen too so that images, ads and layouts from the articles are removed to make it easy for reading. This is a useful addon if you are are a busy person and like to read webpages later even when you are not connected to the internet.

You can download the Firefox addon from this page:

Video Downloaded Helper

Video Downloaded Helper is a very handy firefox addon with which you can download video from nearly all video downloading websites including youtube, dailymotion, google videos, ifilm etc. However, in our tests, we have found it to work in nearly 95% of streaming websites online. As soon as you start a streaming video, you will see the video download helper button animated. You can click it and download the video. And in case of youtube, you can select the various resolutions in which you can download the video. You can also convert the video to your preferred video format before conversion. If you are on a page with links to images and videos, then you can download all of them at once. You can set it to download the videos one by one so that you can continue normal browsing and do not block up the bandwidth. If you like downloading videos from youtube and other websites, then it is a must have firefox addon. You do not need to download any youtube downloader or other software for that purpose if you use this firefox addon. Not only that, you can download from nearly every streaming website out there and not only popular websites. There are not many people who do not watch videos on streaming sites and so, we highly recommend this firefox addon for everyone.

You can download the addon from this link:

Session Manager

Session Manager is a very useful Firefox addon especially for people who need to the same websites everyday. It is also useful if you have opened multiple websites in several tabs and used passwords etc. and need to keep them in your browser irrespective of browser crashes or your closing the browser. You can simply save any session you want and reload back the session whenever you want. As mentioned in the official Firefox addon page, “Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows – either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes.” You can also save multiple sessions as per your need and later on choose the session which you want restored. For example, if you like to visit a set of game related websites everyday during the evening while a set of business sites during the afternoon then you can save two different sessions and restore the one you need at the respective time of the day. The Firefox Addon has been developed by and so, quality and long term support and upgrades for the addon should not be a problem. This addon is a must install if you like opening multiple tabs at the same time.

You can download the Session Manager Firefox Addon at the official download page at:

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is really an awesome firefox addon which allows you to capture any part of a webpage and annotate it with lines, circles, arrows, text etc. It is very handy for people who like to write tutorials. It can also be used to capture images for your personal use from a webpage in case right click is disabled on the web page. It is an all in one solution and it even allows you to blur portions of the image you have captured to hide sensitive information. And in addition to that it also allows you to automatically upto the screenshot from the same page to share with your friends, relatives etc. You can permanently store the image if you have a account. And if you do not have a diigo account then you can save it temporarily to which is removed after a month or so. This is the best screenshot plugin ever and is a must download especially for webmasters and writers.

You can download the Firefox addon from the official download page at:

Oskar Firefox Theme

Oskar Firefox Theme

Oskar Firefox Theme is a dark animated theme which works with all firefox versions upto Firefox 4. The Firefox Theme is completely black and looks great on your Firefox browser. This is one of the must-haves if you like dark themes and want to customize firefox.

You can download this firefox theme from the following download link:

DownThemAll – Download Accelerator

DownThemAll is the most popular and reliable Download accelerator cum manager for Firefox. This firefox addon can speed up your download speed by upto 400% and it also allows you to pause and resume downloads. This is an essential addon especially if you are an active downloader and it can give optimum speed especially for sites which throttle your download speeds somewhat or have inconsistent speeds. It also allows you to download all the links or images contained in a webpage and much more. You can refine your downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want. It is a free and open source Firefox addon and the download accelerator cum manager built inside Firefox and hence less problematic too.


Complete integration with Mozilla Firefox
You can easily access DownThemAll from the context menu, by right-clicking on any webpage, from ‘tools menu’, or simply by adding our cute handy icons to your toolbar.

Have your page spidered with a single click
The dTa ‘Select links’ window lists every single link, image or embed object contained in a webpage. This is a dream if you need to download a large amount of files in just a few seconds: simply select the files you need and you’ll be ready to start.

Have all the files you want with just one click
dTaOneClick downloads the files of a page using the last filters and the last renaming mask you set. So, if you are surfing the web downloading mp3s or pictures, for example, you’ll just have to find the page you want and to click on dTaOneClick… and all your downloads will start. No need to select them first.

Filtering has never been easier
Selecting the files you want to download can be even faster, once you’ve set your personal inclusive filters. In this case you’ll just have to select the filter you want to apply, and all the files matching your criteria will be automatically downloaded. All filters are configurable from dTa ‘preferences’ window and can include wildcards [’*’, ’?’] as well as regular expressions. There is also a live-filter that allows you to refine your selection dynamically!

Advanced auto-renaming options
All files downloaded by dTa can be easily auto-renamed according to your personal needs. There are plenty of tags you can use to build destination filenames and directories, including: date and time of download, website URL, link description and many more!

Increase your download speed up to 400%
DownThemAll features a smart download technique called ‘multipart download’. It splits files into multiple sections, which are downloaded simultaneously. This maximized use of bandwidth increases average download speed up to 400%. You can manually add or remove sections whenever you want during the download, and you can choose the maximum number of chunks every file is split into.

Pause and resume your downloads
DownThemAll can pause and restart downloads at any time, without losing data. You can move your files up and down in the queue in order to give them a priority order.

In case a file already exists, you can choose whether your downloads have to be renamed, overwritten or aborted just by setting a default behavior.
You can customize time-out interval, as well as the maximum number of simultaneous downloads.
Customize notifications, choosing between Firefox sidebox alerts, alert boxes, or simply nothing at all.
If you want it, dTa can close the source tab when the download starts.
You can choose to close dTa automatically when all downloads are completed.

We have personally used it and highly recommend it as a must for all firefox users.

You can download this awesome Firefox addon from the official Firefox repository at:

Fastest Fox – Browse Faster

Fastest Fox firefox addon is a very useful addon which saves time and enhances your browsing experience by speeding up repetitive tasks. You get faster, parallelized downloads, see definitions, auto-load the next page, improve searching, and more. Your firefox navigation bar will give you website suggestions when you try a few letters in the navigation bar. And it will also show you the wikipedia options in a popup box if you highlight a word on the web page. It also works as a downloader and you can download media files, page links or images using the addon. There are a lot of options and features that you can customize through Tools -> FastestFox on your firefox browser after enabling the firefox addon. This is a very handy and useful Firefox addon for sure and a good download.

You can download the addon from the official firefox repository at:

Personas Plus

Personas Plus is a must have extension for Firefox users who like to customize the look of their firefox browser by changing Firefox themes frequently. Personas Plus is developed by Mozilla Labs and you can choose from over 180000 firefox themes which are available on website. It is a very popular Firefox addon and is already used by more than 25 million firefox users. A few of the features of Personas Plus firefox addon is as follows:

* Easy to install, easy to switch designs to suit your mood
* 180,000+ design available from 5,000+ individual artists and brands from around the world
* Featuring exclusive designs from:
– your favorite bands (All American Rejects, No Doubt, Lady Gaga, Bob Marley, etc.)
– your favorites movies (Harry Potter, Fame, etc.)
– your favorite television shows (Project Runway, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc.)
– your favorite causes (Greenpace, Livestrong, etc.)
– your favorite fashion brands (Vans, BCBG, H&M, Anna Sui, etc.)

To make the themes get rotated automatically while using Personas Plus you might also check Personas Rotator addon (Personas Plus needs to be installed first)

You can download Personas Plus from the official firefox repository at:

Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar is a very handy firefox addon which helps view and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar so that the download window does not open separately and hamper your browsing experience. One problem with most browsers is that whenever you download something a separate window pops up to indicate your downloading status. But nobody likes too many browser windows as it disturbs the browsing experience. To solve this problem, the download status firefox addon was developed which allows you to keep track of ongoing and completed downloads in a hide-away statusbar. Despite its compact size, Download Statusbar packs in more useful features than the standard download window. The fully customizable interface auto-hides when not in use, allowing full control without interruption. It is a very useful firefox addon for any user who does not like the download window popping up with every single download.

You can download the addon from the official Firefox addons page at: